This guide will hopefully answer all your questions about the services offered by Short-Term Renting can be a stressful business and our goal is to take care of most of that for you!

What does a Hospitality Clean include?

This is our express service that is designed to be efficient in time and cost, getting the essentials done to make your guests happy at an affordable price, in a tight time window. This is NOT a deep clean and INCLUDES the following:
  • Kitchen: dirty dishes, cabinet doors, counter tops, sink, appliances, trash.
  • Bathrooms: strip then make bed, tables, surfaces, trash.
  • Living Areas: tables, surfaces, furniture, plants.
  • Floors: vacuum, then mop all non-carpeted.
  • Staging & Presentation: we use initial photos to make sure it looks perfect every time.
  • Supply Restocking: either from those stored onsite or from supplies purchased through GuestPrep.
  • Reporting: We will report back (with pictures where necessary) when the following issues arise:
    • Supply stock is running low.
    • Damage to interior of property / furnishings.
    • Discovery of any insect problems.
    • Previous guest has left the property in an unacceptable state.

In addition to this standardized routines we have some flexibility to add owner requests to customize it if needed.

What does a Deep Clean include?

We recommend a Deep Cleaning at the start of our relationship in order to get the property to a spectacular standard which can then be maintained by regular Hospitality Cleans . In addition we recommend scheduling a deep clean every 8 reservations or 2 months, to keep the standard exceptionally high. A Deep Clean includes everything detailed above in a hospitality clean, PLUS the additional services outlined below:
  • Kitchen: baseboards| oven (inside and out)| top of refrigerator| remove all dishes, cups, glassware and flatware; clean and replace| inside cabinets| window sills| window panes| blinds| ceiling fans)
  • Bathrooms: baseboards| inside cabinets| window sills| window panes| blinds| ceiling fans
  • Bedrooms: baseboards| underneath all furniture (where accessible)| Underneath rugs| window sills| window panes| blinds| ceiling fans
  • Living Areas: baseboards| underneath all furniture (where accessible)| Underneath rugs| window sills| window panes| blinds| ceiling fans
  • Floors: scrape stains and marks off floors where possible

How do I get started?

  • Request a date for your 1st Clean by emailing .
  • Please give us at least 4 days notice to organize this 1st Clean as we try to get a manager out to meet you and take notes on the property (it is ONLY the 1st Clean you need to give this much notice for).
  • If possible please be present for this clean as we will: take notes on any property specific requests, location of supplies and take photos of how you want your property staged.
  • If you are unable to be present, please send us detail on specific requests via email and we will confirm if it is possible. Please make sure you send us your Entry Instructions before hand.
  • We will compile all your property details & specific requests into our standard cleaning procedure and produce a customized manual for all our cleaners going forward.
  • You are all set!

How does the linen service work?

Guestprep does not launder sheets & towels onsite and therefore our linen service is only available by using GuestPrep provided linens and towels:
  • Per Bed we provide: 1x fitted sheet, 1x flat sheet, 4x pillow case, 2x bath towel, 1x hand towel, 2x wash cloth, 1x duvet cover
  • We provide as complimentary extras : 1x bath mat/bathroom, 2x kitchen towels - for any customer who uses our Linen & Towel Service.
  • All linens & towels are white designed for quality comfort and durability from a luxury hotel supplier.
  • Guest are responsible for providing pillows & blankets/duvets.
  • We suggest using duvets, with removable covers and providing 2 duvet covers per bed. We will then switch if one is soiled and launder your stained cover on site.
  • We strongly recommend removing or locking away all other linens & towels. Guests will use everything you leave out, causing mix ups and wastage!

How does your linen service work for a sofa/aero/temporary bed?

For any non-traditional bed setup (i.e. sofa beds, air mattresses, pull-outs, cots, etc.) that serve to accommodate extra guests, we understand that spare towels and sheets provided for guests to make up these sleeping arrangements will not always be used.
  • Consequently we charge a smaller laundering and inventory fee per stay versus our standard bed set pricing. This fee is $7.50 per bed.
  • We keep these additional sheets & towels wrapped and labeled to discourage unnecessary usage by guests not sleeping on the temporary beds.

How do we deal with Supplies?

If the property owner/host wishes to provide your own supplies:
  • We will restock supplies from a location/closet on your property as part of every Hospitality Cleaning Service. We suggest locking this from guests to reduce wastage.
If the property owner/host wishes for GuestPrep to provide the supplies:
  • We offer 2 standard supply packs we we can bring to your property with each clean:
    • Bathroom ($4.00 / clean): 2x toilet paper rolls, 1x mini-shampoo, 1x mini-shower wash, 1x hand soap
    • Kitchen ($8.00 / clean): 2x 1x paper towel roll, 1x hand soap, 1x sponge, 1x mini-dish soap, 4x dishwasher tabs

Can I get reporting before/after my cleans?

  • Two days before your scheduled clean, you will receive a reminder notification from us, via email. If you do not receive this notification please immediately contact us and we will ensure your booking in in the system correctly.
  • We will report back (with pictures where necessary) when the following issues arise:
    • Supply stock is running low.
    • Damage to interior of property / furnishings.
    • Discovery of any insect problems.
    • Previous guest has left the property in an unacceptable state.
  • If you don’t hear back after the clean - everything is in order :-)

What time will you clean?

We are available to clean from 11am - 4pm, our staffing is built around the increased need for cleans during this most common check-in/out window. However we do have some flexibility to start earlier or finish later if your property is vacant.

We strongly suggest you set your check-in & check-out times to 11am - 4pm, as this is the window we can guarantee service within.

Do you clean on Sundays?

Yes :-)

Do you clean on Holidays?

Yes, we clean 365 days a year. We clean on all national holidays however there is a 30% price increase to your standard rate on the following days: Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Day, July 4th.

How far in advance do I need to book a clean?

  • We suggesting confirming bookings in as much advance as possible but we accept them up till 6pm the day before (apart for booking the 1st Clean) .
  • If you confirm a booking before 6pm the day before, we always guarantee we can perform the clean, within the agree window, the next day.
  • We will make our best efforts to accommodate EMERGENCY clean bookings confirmed after this cut off, however there will be a $20.00 surcharge for doing so.

How should I deal with late/early check-out and check-in times?

  • Please ensure check-out times are clearly communicated to guests.
  • We suggest setting Check-Out at 11am, and Check-In at 4pm.
  • If we cannot clean within this time window due to a delayed checkout and have to return to your property later in the day we will charge an additional $20.00 fee.
  • If you authorize a late check-out please communicate this to us 24hrs beforehand so we can adjust our scheduled time of arrival.
  • We do not recommend allowing guests access to your property after their check out time and after we have cleaned, to collect bags for instance. As we’ve seen many times these guests taking showers or using toilets and leaving a bad situation for your upcoming reservation.

What is your cancellation policy?

  • If you cancel a clean within 24hrs of the booking you will be charged a $20.00 cancellation fee.

Is there anything GuestPrep does not do?

  • Normal Residential Cleaning: our set up solely to support Short-Term Rental hosts, we don’t do any other type of cleaning.
  • In-House Laundry: all our laundry is done off site, using our own linens & towels. Unfortunately this is the only way to manage this process, we cannot use your own linens or do laundry on site while cleaning. (The only exception is a dirty duvet cover, as explained above)

Are your staffed insured?

Yes, all GuestPrep cleaners are covered by a comprehensive insurance policy.

Do GuestPrep use Contractors?

No, all our staff are GuestPrep W2 employees, trained, documented, managed and insured by us. We DO NOT use independent contractors.